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Introducing Fabulous Chinese Herbal Medicine

Introducing Fabulous Chinese Herbal Medicine

Goji berries used in Chinese Herbal MedicineHello and welcome to We are in the process of getting our website up and running so we can bring you all the good information on Chinese herbalism. People often ask which are the best herbs for certain conditions? Especially, people want to know the best Chinese herbs for issues like insomnia, tiredness, depression, irregular periods, fertility and more. These are some of the interesting topics we will be getting into here at Finger Lakes.

Furthermore, people also want to know what herbs are the best for certain types of people. What do we mean by that? Well, for example, athletes are often trying to get a natural edge on their game so they want to know which herbs re best to improve muscle strength, endurance or to boost cardiovascular function for example. A good example of these herbs would be deer antler or red ginseng, which are two common power herbs of Chinese medicine.

Another common category of people is the busy worker or the student who is studying for exams. People in these walks of life are very often interested to know which herbs will be the best to assist with brain function, concentration, memory and focus.

So these are just a few of the interesting topics that we hope to be bringing you in the near future. As we said before, we are in the process of getting our website together so do please check back soon for updated articles. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this introductory video on Chinese Herbal Medicine by Dr. Feng Liang.